NCAA Tournament – Final Four Preview: Wisconsin Badgers vs. Kentucky Wildcats

NORTH TEXAS — It’s has been a fantastic March Madness so far, but as March comes to an end, that means the NCAA Tournament is coming down to its final teams. With only four remaining, that means it’s time for the infamous Final Four. In the four games that took place on Saturday and Sunday, four teams prevailed, while their opponents fell. Florida knocked off Dayton on Saturday, and they will play Connecticut after they knocked off the Big Ten’s Michigan State on Sunday. On the other side of the bracket, the Kentucky Wildcats, an eight-seed has shocked the nation en route to their Final Four run after their fantastic game against Michigan that literally came down to less than three seconds remaining. Aaron Harrison knocked down a clutch three from WAYYYY downtown with only 2.3 seconds remaining. They will face your favorite team, ladies and gentlemen, the Wisconsin Badgers after the Badgers knocked off the top-seeded Arizona in overtime fashion.

Now, let’s make our way to North Texas as this Saturday marks the day that will live in infamy, as the Wisconsin Badgers try to make it back to the National Championship for the first time since 1941. On the flip side, the Kentucky Wildcats are looking for their first appearance since two years ago, when they took it all over Kansas. Anthony Davis, yes the man with the fantastic eyebrow, was apart of that 2012 National Champion team.

Now, to the preview, first with the Wildcats. Kentucky had a rough regular season, explaining why they winded up at an eight-seed, but with a coach like John Calipari, you’re going to get it together. With an incredibly talented group of freshmen, they’ve been able to get back on track at the right time after losing four-of-seven, including twice to the top-seeded Florida Gators. The SEC is a tough basketball conference, and it has taken a toll on the Wildcats’ record. Despite all of that, they still bring some crazy good offensive talent that’s going to be a huge challenge for the Badgers. With four freshmen averaging over 10 points-per-game, it just shows how the recruiting class that Calipari brought in is easily the top in the nation. This team plays solid defense, one of the top in the country for both rebounds and blocks per game. Kentucky is probably the biggest threat for the Badgers so far in the Tournament, and I wouldn’t look at this as anywhere near an easy match-up if I were Bo Ryan and the Badgers.

Speaking of the Badgers, they bring the best match-up inside the paint so far in this tournament, as Frank Kaminsky will knock heads with Julius Randle, the extremely strong big man for Kentucky. Kaminsky, on the other hand, has had possibly the best tournament out of anybody in the nation, averaging 18.5 points-per-game, along with six rebounds-per-game to compliment that. Kaminsky has been a beast all tournament, and has taken the bull by the horn, per say, and led the Badgers to the final four. Senior Ben Brust is on his last ride, and he knows it and shows it by being the best shooter possible for the Badgers. The Badgers defense has really stepped up in the Tournament, and Bo Ryan has proved that he is an elite coach with this group. The sharp-shooting, speedy Badgers are going to go into this game with one thing on their mind: WIN.

The Wildcats and Badgers play this Saturday, at 7:49 Central. All seedings aside, this is going to be a challenge for both teams and a fantastic game.

I’m excited.


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